Number crunchers are dead set on figuring out how long you will live. For those saving for retirement in the US, it’s the $27 trillion question.

A 78-year-old woman walks into an agent’s office to buy life insurance.

"Have you ever had cancer?" asks the agent. "Oh, yes, dear," says the woman. "Breast cancer."
"Do you have a family history of heart disease?" "Oh, yes, dear," the woman says, nodding. "My father died of a massive heart attack in his 60s."
"Do you have any history of mental illness?" prods the insurance man. "Oh, yes, dear," she says. "I’ve been on bipolar meds for years!"
"Uh, okay. So how big a policy did you say you wanted?" he asks. "Twenty million dollars."
"In that case," says the agent, "yes, dear!"

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