EU This report presents the country fiches for each Member State on the pension projection -being the largest public expenditure item covered by the projection exercise released in the 2009 Ageing Report – prepared by the AWG members and by the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs on the basis of a harmonised structure.

The 2009 Ageing Report was the third update since 2001 of the long-term economic and budgetary projections aimed at assessing the impact of ageing population. This projection exercise builds on, updates and further improves the previous exercises so as to enhance comparability across countries, consistency across expenditure items and the economic basis for the underlying assumptions.

The country fiches follow the same structure and the same set of figures is provided by all countries. The first part of the country fiches provides a description of the pension system in the country. The second part provides and discusses expected development on the basis of the main projection outcomes. The pension projections were carried out on the basis of legislation and policies in the field of pension as of July 2008. In addition, this section addresses main drivers behind the pension projection and discusses the impact these factors have on expected development of pension expenditure. Finally, the technical characteristics of the pension models used by Member States were collected in an Annex to this report.

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