Natixis hat eine international angelegte Studie zur Generation X (1965 – 1980) und ihrer Situation bez. Altersvorsorge publiziert. Nächstes Jahr werden ihre ältesten Mitglieder 60. Gut die Hälfte der Führungsjobs in der Wirtschaft werden heute von ihnen belegt. Aber während viel von den Babyboomers, den Millenials (Y) und der Gen Z die Rede ist, erscheinen sie kaum in der Generationen-Debatte. Zu ihrer finanziellen Situation bei der Altersvorsorge schreibt Natixis:

On the surface, Gen Xers say all the right things about risk: 62% say they are comfortable taking on risk to get ahead, and 69% say volatility creates investment opportunity. But when it comes down to it, they need to look more closely at how their view on risk may be changing as they get closer to retirement.

In reality, 72% of Gen Xers say, if forced, they would choose safety over investment performance, while almost half (47%) readily admit that they are taking on more risk than they should to get ahead. This disconnect could be costly as they near retirement. They will have less time to make up for potential losses, and income plans for nest egg savings could be thrown out of balance in the important early stages of drawdowns.