Andreas Oehler hat in seinem Substack Account die Daten der Gesundheitsbefragung 2022 des BFS etwas näher angesehen und einige überraschende Erkenntnisse gewonnen.

When the results of the latest survey of the Swiss Office for Statistics came out in Nov. 2023, that used to contain answers to such poignant questions as “Have you experienced a stroke, heart attack or cancer in the last 12 months?”, all Swiss Covid jab sceptics were eager to sink their teeth into the numbers. To their dismay, the most important survey questions have been reformulated, “for their added convenience”, to “Have you ever experienced a stroke, heart attack or cancer?” Which made comparisons with previous surveys from 2017, 2012, 2007 and 2002 utterly impossible. Just for the record (the slide at 3:35 in this video presentation in German by Konstantin Beck, a health economist and adjunct professor at the University of Lucerne):

The 4-6 times rise in the three conditions from the last survey is only apparent, but not factual, as the questions of the survey have been tweaked just enough to make such comparison meaningless. Thank you, the Swiss Office for Statistics!

Yet, they couldn’t hide all their tracks. Helsana, the major Swiss health insurer, has been publishing this interesting statistic – the yearly number of patients receiving cancer medication: image

The general trend used to be down in the number of cancer treated persons, with only slight increases starting in 2018 and 2019, then:

  • a 9% rise in 2020 from the trend,

  • 95% rise from the trend line in 2021

  • even bigger rise from the trend line of 106% in 2022!

So, something has definitely changed in 2021 and 2022 that caused many more people to fall ill with cancers in Switzerland. Boom – suddenly, there are two times as many people with cancer as before! Whatever might be the reason for such meteoric rise, and why now? We shouldn’t hold our breaths waiting for the explanation of this phenomenon by Swiss medical or other PTBs, but thanks, money pinchers!

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