Eyeing at least  7.7 billion (around RS 50,000 crore) from operational toll roads, the Indian government is planning to sell over 100 projects to sovereign and pension funds. «We have prepared a list of 104 projects which could be sold to sovereign and pension funds,» a Road Transport and Highways Ministry official told PTI.

The objective is to award these toll roads to private sector for operations and maintenance for a fixed long-term period against an upfront value, he said.

«These projects with a total length of about 6,000 km have a total potential of  7.70 billion,» the official said. It has lined up 104 operational toll roads constructed through public funds. Twenty of the 104 projects fetch annual total collection of Rs 50 crore or more each while 33 are such which fetch an annual revenue in the range of Rs 25 to Rs 50 crore each, the official said. He said 40 per cent of the total 104 toll projects are generating more than 10 per cent of the project completion cost annually through toll.