IPE (Intestment & Pensions Europe) enthält in der Juni-Ausgabe eine Reihe von Beiträgen zur Schweiz.

Rights and responsibilities
Rohrbein analyses the consequences for Swiss pension funds, their advisers and asset managers of the referendum on executive pay.

Funds play catch-up
David Pauls and Peter Zanella argue that Swiss pension funds must keep up with underlying economic and demographic reality, and that policy makers should stop moving the goalposts.

Magic number crunching
Swiss pension funds have enjoyed a major recovery in the funding levels over the past months. But the fundamental problems remain, writes Barbara Ottawa.

New challenges for asset managers
Richard Bruyère presents the results of Image & Finance’s latest research covering the institutional market in Switzerland.

Smart on beta benchmarks
Swiss pension funds have mostly shied away from alternatively weighted benchmark strategies. Cécile Sourbes finds that adoption will depend on thorough analysis and transparency of data.

Cage fight against complacency
Some think the second pillar is perfect, so 17 years ago four people set out to challenge that view with an innovative approach and an international viewpoint. Innovation Zweite Säule co-founder Werner Nussbaum tells Barbara Ottawa about challenges past and present.