imageJean-Pierre Steiner (62) ist per 1.8.10 von seinen Funktionen bei Nestlé Capital Advisers zurückgetreten. Steiner war seit 2006 mit deren Führung betraut. Er war zuvor verantwortlich für die Führung der Nestlé-Pensionskassen, bis Martin Wagner diese Funktion übernahm. Neu zuständig für Nestlé Capital Advisers ist Steven Phillips.

FinancalNews schreiben: “Jean-Pierre Steiner, one of the most influential figures in the European pensions industry, has stepped down as chief executive of Nestlé Capital Advisers. Steiner had been in charge of Nestlé’s in-house pensions management company since 2006 and was the architect of the firm’s first European pension fund. His departure was disclosed in filings by the firm’s UK unit to Companies House and he is no longer listed with the company on the Financial Services Authority’s register. A spokesman for the company confirmed he has retired. He had been with Nestlé for 38 years.

In 2006, Nestlé launched two in-house units to provide cross-border investment and advisory services to its pension schemes based in Europe. Steiner oversaw the creation of several asset pooling products, including domiciling all pensions assets in Belgium in 2008 to create a European scheme. Steven Phillips, formerly Nestlé’s finance director in the UK, has been appointed to replace Steiner. In turn, he has been replaced by Elizabeth Legge, who has also become a director to the pension fund company.