image Due to rising life expectancy, many European households may be faced with the prospect of insufficient pension savings to finance their desired level of consumption and lifestyle. In addition, their retirement income options are often constrained by a requirement to purchase an annuity to maintain an appropriate income level until the end of their life.

The report on Rethinking Retirement Income Strategies: How Can We Secure Better Outcomes for Future Retirees, prepared by Professor Maurer and Barbara Somova, shows that this requirement does not give individuals the level of flexibility needed to choose the best solution for managing their accumulated pension savings. By holding a proportion of pension assets in equity early on in retirement, and switching to bond holdings and annuities progressively over time, individuals can expect to achieve significantly higher retirement income, at a comparatively low risk.

The explanation for this result is simple: in an environment where individuals are living longer, the benefits of investment diversification extend well beyond normal retirement age, as diversification creates the kind of upside income potential not found in conventional annuities, while providing downside protection against the higher risks associated with a portfolio that is concentrated on equity holdings.

Rethinking Retirement Income Strategics: How Can We Secure Better Outcomes for Future Retirees? published by the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA). The authors of this report a Raimond Maurerand Barbara Somova.

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